3 Ways HR Team Can Improve

Employee Experience Using NetSuite

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As a human resource professional, people are at the forefront of every decision you make.

But it can be hard to put people first when you are buried in a pile of paperwork. You spend valuable time tracking and reconciling information across multiple systems or triple checking every paycheck and file for accuracy – when you could be spending that time building up your team and searching for top talent.

If you find yourself thinking: “It shouldn’t have to be this hard,” “my current systems are limiting my ability to do my job well,” and “there has to be a better way” – you are not alone.

Your job is challenging enough, and you need a system you can trust to help you avoid costly mistakes and save you time on daunting administrative tasks so that you can get back to focusing on what really matters – people.

That is why Crowe created the Human Resource (HR) Optimizer for NetSuite – an end-to-end human resources payroll management solution built on NetSuite and designed to help you win back your time with one automated and unified technology solution.

This solution was designed to serve companies operating primarily in the Middle East, Europe, and Africa to help solve their unique HR challenges.

Don’t let outdated systems keep you from your goals. Below you’ll find three ways Crowe HR Optimizer can help lighten the load of your HR team so that you can keep people at the center.

 1. Centralize payroll and HR to ensure paychecks are accurate and on time

Nothing can break employee trust faster or put the company’s bottom line at risk like payroll mistakes.

But manually balancing and reconciling payroll data across separate financial and HR systems opens up so much room for error and leaves HR teams scrambling to rectify mistakes and rebuild trust with employees and CFOs alike.

Up until now, the best solution to this problem was for HR teams to spend excessive time double and triple checking the numbers before they went out the door. But not anymore.

Crowe HR Optimizer for NetSuite provides companies with an efficient, end-to-end payroll processing and management solution.

Utilizing Crowe HR Optimizer for your payroll services allows you to:

  • Support all payment types
  • Create pay groups
  • Calculate payments automatically and track calculation changes
  • Generate pay slips
  • Review and approve payments
  • Monitor local compliance regulations
  • Automatically file payroll taxes
  • Keep accounts in balance and financial reports accurate

It’s time to work smarter, not harder, with systems that speak to one another and free up your time to focus on what matters. Enhance your payroll process through automation within a centralized system.

 2. Stay on top of requests for approval and managing employee data

Imagine being able to have a 360° view of all employee data including contact information, passport and travel records, insurance information, and more. How much more streamlined could your task list be if all leave and loan requests were saved in one easy place for you to approve? What if you could set notifications to remind you of important tasks and updates?

The more organized and current your information, the better you can know how to support your employees and respond to their requests in a timely manner.

Utilizing the multi-feature platform of NetSuite, Crowe HR Optimizer offers easy-to-navigate, customizable dashboards to manage your HR tasks in one centralized place.

Streamline tasks through a multitude of features, including:

  • Easy requests - Request loans and loan installment breaks while analyzing the impacts and adjusting necessary payments accordingly.
  • Disclosure reports - Generate a variety of reports for budgetary and reporting purposes.
  • Monthly journal entries - Calculate all the required journal entries for payments, along with payment calendar tracking.
  • Company information - Easily record company preferences and information, allowing the system to automatically adjust calculations and schedules accordingly.
  • Approval workflow - Customize the approval workflow setting to follow your business processes.
  • Document management - Save and organize all your HR documents in one place.
  • Application integration - Automatically integrate your existing NetSuite configurations like your Chart of Accounts and Subsidiaries.

Forget paying more for add-ons or integrations – Crowe HR Optimizer makes it so that all of your tools and features can work together harmoniously through NetSuite to make your job easier.

 3. Boost employee engagement and team collaboration

It is no secret that companies on a global scale are struggling with the issue of employee retention. The job market is competitive and if employees do not feel valued or supported they will not hesitate to look for new opportunities to join a work environment that is more conducive to their needs.

While building a healthy work environment involves many steps, a great place to start is with your systems and making sure they support a positive employee experience.

NetSuite offers a variety of features to help you keep employees engaged and offer them easy access to important information.

  • Mobile-friendly employee access - Employees have the ability to see their time-off balance, benefits, paystubs, and other important information at any time with the easy-to-use Crowe HR Optimizer mobile app. This is in addition to the desktop version which allows employees access to view the same information.
  • Employee recognition - Employees and managers have the opportunity to publicly recognize and celebrate one another's achievements through the collaborative system of Crowe HR Optimizer, which helps create a culture of appreciation and boosts morale across the organization.
  • Performance reviews and goal setting - Supervisors, employees, and HR leaders have a centralized place to administer and store performance reviews so they can align on goals and monitor progress throughout employees’ lifecycles.
  • Onboarding support - HR teams can create automated and interactive onboarding checklists for new employees to welcome them and walk them through the training process. NetSuite’s purchasing request integration also helps ensure that equipment is ordered and available for employees on day one.

 4. Ready to transform your HR systems and start building a better workplace?

As an HR leader, you know that your department is the engine room of your business, and how you perform your duties has the potential to impact what talent you bring in and retain. There’s a lot riding on you and your team, and you need a foundational system that you can depend on to help you get the job done quickly and efficiently.

At Crowe we want to help take the weight off your shoulders with customizable technology built to grow with your business and a dedicated team to support you every step of the way.

As a top accounting and consulting firm, our team at Crowe is made up of subject matter experts with deep knowledge of the human resource industry and the unique challenges you face. Additionally, as a NetSuite partner, our team is well versed on platform best practices and is ready to help you integrate your HR processes into NetSuite seamlessly.

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