UAE Global Mobility - Employer Focus

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Start Date:

3/16/2021 3:00 PM

End Date:

3/16/2021 4:00 PM


UAE is a key global economic centre having substantial number of expatriates in the workforce.

With the infrastructure and economic activities in the UAE, it continues to host global businesses Middle East and Africa regional hubs and offices.Considering UAE is one of the transitional hubs of Middle East, it is an important centre through which mobility takes place.
It’s generally understood that there is no income tax regime in the UAE but it’s worth noting that despite this there are significant other local compliance requirements.
Would you want to know more about them?
Date: 16 March 2021
Time: 3 pm to 4 pm (GST)
Platform: GoToWebinar
  •    Opening remarks by Mr. Dinesh Jangra (3.00 to 3.10 pm)
  •    Key considerations by Mr. Markus Susilo & Ms. Deepika Chandak (3.10 to 3.40 pm)
  •    Pre-employment
  •    During employment
  •    Post-employment
  •    Interconnectivity with other UAE laws
  •    Closing remarks by Mr. Saad Maniar (3.40 to 3.50 pm)
  •    Q&A (3.50 to 4.00 pm)




Dinesh Jangra
Head of Global Mobility
Crowe UK
Markus Susilo
Partner - Tax
Crowe UAE
Saad Maniar
Senior Partner
Crowe UAE
Deepika Chandak
Manager - Global Mobility
Crowe UAE