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Crowe UAE Academy welcomes you to our prestigious "Crowe UAE Certified AML Professional" (CCAP) course, a specialized training program tailored for compliance professionals in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). As a leading academy committed to excellence, we take pride in offering sector-specific AML (Anti-Money Laundering) compliance programs, designed to equip professionals from diverse industries with the knowledge and skills needed to combat financial crime effectively.

Program Overview

The "Crowe UAE Certified AML Professional" course is a comprehensive and industry-specific program that aims to empower compliance practitioners with an in-depth understanding of anti-money laundering regulations and best practices, with a strong focus on their respective sectors. Our curriculum is meticulously designed to address the unique challenges and compliance requirements faced by professionals in various sectors, including exchange houses, the gold sector, insurance, real estate, and more.

Key Features

Expert Instructors: The CCAP program is led by industry-experienced professionals and knowledgeable CAMS Certified instructors, including Mr. Pijush Das, Director of Training & Development at Crowe UAE Academy. He is a subject matter expert (SME) with ACAMS.

Sector-Specific Focus: The program is tailored to the specific needs of professionals in various sectors, such as exchange houses, the gold sector, insurance, and real estate. This sector-specific approach ensures that participants gain practical knowledge relevant to their industry.

Industry Recognition: The CCAP certification is highly regarded in the field of AML compliance, providing participants with professional credibility and recognition. This certification can enhance job prospects and open doors to career opportunities.

Learning Methodology

  • 18 Hours of Face-to-Face/Online Classes » Mock Exams with Discussion
  • Proctored based Online Examination 3 Year CCAP Membership

Eligibility and Prerequisite

  • Any bachelor’s degree


  • 5 years of Experience in any Industry

Benefits of Certification

  • Expertise in AML
  • Professional Credibility
  • Industry Networking
  • Continuous Learning
  • Better job prospects and opportunities


  • CPD CERTIFIED - The CPD Certification Service

Registration and Fees

  • 2500 AED + VAT
  • includes e-book version of curriculum, 2 online proctored tests, Certificate, 3 year CCAP membership

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Dawn Thomas
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Pijush Das
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