Corporate Secretarial

Corporate Secretarial

Corporate Secretarial

Our Corporate Secretarial service is dedicated to providing assistance to our Zimbabwean and diaspora clients. We have a broad client base ranging from start-up companies to listed and regulated public limited companies and we advise them on all aspects of Zimbabwean corporate compliance and administration.

The importance of the corporate secretary and the level of their responsibilities is increasing as a result of the complex and stringent legal requirements placed on all Zimbabwean registered companies. Because of the changing legislative environment, the need to meet statutory and regulatory obligations and the requirement to satisfy increasing stakeholder demands for corporate compliance are constant challenges.

Our specialised team has extensive experience in helping clients meet these challenges.


What We Do

We provide both technical and practical support to the Board of Directors and advise on corporate governance, risk and compliance issues. We also provide annual Corporate secretarial compliance service to our valued clients to ensure proper compliance is insured for these changes with corporate governance make informal decisions.

By acting as corporate secretary to our clients, we can ensure that adequate measures are put in place so that they fulfil their statutory obligations.

In addition we offer personalised corporate secretarial services such as providing chartered secretaries with vast experience in various industries. Our service offering ensures that companies make smart decisions that have a lasting value.


Our Approach

With our corporate secretarial service, all governance decisions and applicable regulations are monitored; we keep track of changes and make sure the client’s activities are adjusted accordingly. We combine our legal expertise with our secretarial services to coordinate your local entity’s day to day activities.

We handle all Corporate secretarial matters whether routine or complex and ensure that each procedure is carried out professionally and without delay. We undertake to provide the same high level of quality service whatever the size or structure of our client and are committed to responding to client queries promptly and efficiently.

We take responsibility for those detailed side-issues, keep you compliant and communicate on developments abroad.

 “We can get things done and in order.”


Corporate Services 
Crowe Zimbabwe offers various services and management together with comprehensive advice and support to assist private and public companies of all sizes to establish business operations successfully in both local and foreign markets including:

Trust, Company & Branch formations

We provide specialist advice on the type of organisation (i.e. companies, trusts, cooperatives and other) that best suits the commercial purpose of our client. Our team, with its technical expertise will advise in arranging the ownership of the respective corporate body formed (i.e. administering the corporate body and managing its commercial arrangements among other). We have the capacity to set up any corporate body as per client’s requirements within the shortest possible time upon lodging the prerequisite documents to the Registrar. This service extends to:


  • Registration of a Trust, Company (Local and Foreign) and Cooperative;
  • Conversion and re-registration of companies;
  • Changes to directors/secretary;
  • Changes to the situation of registered office;
  • Change of company name;
  • Changes to company constitution; and
  • Guidance on the Companies Act [Chapter 24:03], related statutory instruments and directives.
Filing of Annual Returns, Statutory Annual Accounts and Annual General Meetings

We train our client’s staff to ensure that deadlines for submission of annual returns are monitored and met in a timely and efficient manner.

Corporate Governance, Risk & Compliance 

We assist in defining the relationship, role and responsibilities among/between the Board of Directors, management and the rest of the organisation by taking into account a corporate’s various financial, legal, regulatory, institutional and ethical responsibilities to protect the shareholders’ and stakeholders’ interests. This service extends to:


  • Planning and preparing for board and subcommittee meetings;
  • Drafting board resolutions and shareholders resolutions;
  • Minute taking in meetings;
  • Arranging secondments and interim resourcing;
  • Conducting legal audits of the statutory registers of a company;
  • Corporate restructuring;
  • Trustee Induction and training;
  • Compliance Consultation;
  • Establishment of a compliance function
  • Compliance Awareness and Training
  • Compliance Auditing
In-House Training

We offer a personalised in-house service whereby our experienced and highly skilled Corporate secretaries will train the staff in the essentials of enterprise wide corporate compliance and governance.

Business Investment and Divestment

Successful businesses are consistently growing, changing and expanding. Business investment and divestment covers all eventualities and that is the secret of Crowe Zimbabwe’s approach. Crowe Zimbabwe will support and guide the client through the business investment and divestment process to ensure smart and sustainable decisions are made which have a lasting value. Our services include:

  • Mergers and Acquisitions (M & A);
  • Initial Public Offering (IPOs);
  • Strategic Purpose Vehicle (SPV) (i.e Joint Ventures and Partnerships);
  • Transaction advice and support;
  • Tax advice on business investments and diversifications;
  • Pre-disposal corporate health checks;
  • Exit route planning for venture capital and other investors;
  • Advice on debt and equity finance; and
  • Personal shareholder sales advice.