Risk Management Advisory

Risk Management Advisory

Purposes and deliveries of this service:

The main purpose of this service is to support the clients to set up or renovate their Risk Management Function

Deliveries of this service may include:

  • Risk Management Policies, including: objectives, organizational structure, roles and responsibilities of all related persons and departments, implementation methodology and reports,…
  • Risk Management Program: (1) Identification and definition of all types of risk in a corporate, (2) Assessment of  risks (possibility and impact levels), (3) Measures to minimize the risks, (4) Procedures to detect signals of risks, (5) Solutions to minimize loss in case of troubles (including or crisis) happening; (6) Plans to recover and ensure normal operation after the severe troubles.
  • Periodical checking schedules to make sure related departments strictly comply with the measures, procedures and solutions stated in the Risk Management Program.
  • Reporting system to the management levels to timely update on risk status of the organization.

Clients of this service

are enterprises having complicated organizational structures and increasing growth. Such enterprises tends to set up a risk management department to ensure that the risk management works are carried out more effectively and more efficiently.

The service is delivered with the following steps:

  • Kick-off meeting: We discuss with the client to clearly understand the client’s specific demands and requirements, and then provide full explanation to the client about our approach and processes. We agree with the client about the objectives, scope of services, timing schedules, cooperation mechanism, lists of documents to be provided, significant procedures that need attention, … This step can be done through direct meetings or emails.
  • Fieldwork (at clients’ offices): We observe and research documents to obtain understanding about the client’ businesses, management culture, organizational structures, operation processes…. We then have interviews with related personnel of the client to verify their needs and functions.
  • Prepare products: We will prepare products as agreed with the client and then send them to the client for review and comment. Meetings will be followed to explain further about the products.
  • Application Guidance: We understand that there will be certain gaps between our products and actual implementation, therefore, we will provide specific guidance and support for any matters occurring during the application of our products.

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