Dear colleagues!

We are pleased to announce the opening of two AC Crowe Ukraine service companies:

Crowe Accounting Ukraine - is a specialized company providing accounting services and personnel consulting services. The company is represented by partner Oksana Shargorodskaya.

Crowe AVR - is a specialized company providing evaluation, consulting and research services. The company is represented by partner Oleksandr Zozulia.

Taking into consideration challenging conditions in which business is now, we understand the need to optimize resources and provide high quality services to companies to optimize business processes and save their budgets in order to maintain a market position, secure employees salaries, carry out the duties for clients during quarantine etc. Our service companies will help you to do this with the highest degree of quality as well as taking into account under which circumstances your business is kept!

AC Crowe Ukraine is a member firm of Crowe Global  ranked the eighth largest global accounting network, which consists of 250+ independent accounting and advisory firms (782 offices) and operating in 130 countries across the world.