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Transfer pricing and Risk  

Crowe A&A Ukraine and Crowe Erfolg Ukraine transfer pricing services are relevant to any business with international activities.
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In the last 20 years, the great majority of countries including Ukraine have implemented new transfer pricing rules aligned with the OECD Transfer Pricing Guidelines.

  • Inventory of controlled operations
  • Calculation and justification of price ranges and profitability
  • Distribution of profits between groups of companies
  • Drawing up documentation on TP
  • Use of a debit-credit note
  • Advice on minimizing tax risks
  • Setting up the accounting system TP
  • Advice on arranging transactions with related parties and offshore companies
  • Assistance in preparing a report on TP
  • Appeal of tax deductions for TP

  • Financial investigations;
  • Identification of schemes involving misappropriation of assets, their search and recovery;
  • Anti-bribery and anti-corruption;
  • Support in corporate disputes: mediation/court settlement;
  • Support in preparing and conducting a forensic economical examination;
  • Rapid diagnostics of internal controls broken down by company departments;
  • Analysis and development of internal security system;
  • Fraud counteraction planning;
  • Corporate intelligence;
  • Development and implementation of a whistleblowing system (WBS);
  • Outsourced financial controlling;
  • Protection of investments/end-use of founds monitoring;
  • Investigation/control/technical oversight in real estate development;
  • Internal auditing;
  • Prevention of hostile takeovers;
  • Financial fraud risk management and compliance;
  • Lie detector testing;
  • e-Discovery;
  • Integrity check;
  • Physiognomy/psychological profiling.