About Us

About Us

Smart decisions. Lasting Value.

We offer a wide range of professional skills including audit and assurance services, corporate secretarial services, donor support, financial and management consultancy, tax consultancy and advisory services, executive selection, corporate finance, corporate governance services, business strategy, mergers and acquisitions, feasibility studies, and information technology. 

We have a successful track record in providing service to multinationals, private companies, donor- funded projects, government and quasi government entities, not for profit organisations and high net worth individuals. 

Our culture is to strive for professionalism, independence, integrity, and quality to ensure we guarantee you the highest level of service. The quality of our work is a point of pride for us, and we have long been regarded as technical experts in our chosen areas because we are structured in a way that delivers concentrated Partner attention. 

Our emphasis on investing in people through training, coaching, building interpersonal skills and career development has helped us build strong teams. 

Our philosophy is to strive continuously to: 

  •     serve the needs of our clients and add value; 
  •     provide a wide range of high quality services;  
  •     provide a genuine value proposition to our clients; 
  •     build on our advantage as a national and international firm; and 
  •     provide development of our professional staff.