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Human Resource Management
Human Resources

Human Resource Services

Crowe Horwath Troy Turkey Human Resource Services are for our clients that want to see their employees as an advantage in competition. Our strategy is to improve employees as a member of a creative and active team that dedicate themselves to the satisfaction of clients. We give our clients the ability to get new points of views, thinking differently, developing new and value-adding solutions. Creating the most effective working environment is our first aim. 

Combining our expertise in accounting, tax advice and law with the knowledge and experience of human resource and global data network makes our company different from others.

In order to establish human-oriented solution sets we follow a different way. We transform human power to comparative advantage by combining our knowledge of tax and law issues, and our local and global experience, with the human dimension. Our solution sets include issues related to growth, reduction, development, productivity, company mergers, cost efficiency and labour laws concerning your business. Our solution set services are prepared and presented directly for the defined issue and improved with the aid of other Crowe Horwath services and work partners. We aim to create value for your business though people.