Crowe Troy

Accounting and Outsource Services in Turkey

We offer an individual approach, high quality services provided by people with international background.
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Accounting Services for International Firms in Turkey

We offer an individual approach, high quality services provided by people with international background and experienced at accounting and certification services. Kindly be informed that we work with over 250 international clients and they are very satisfied with our services. 


1. Book-keeping Accounting Turkish GAAP 

2. Tax Services 

3. Execution of the full approval procedure of the declarations and auditing of all records in accordance with the rules of
TPL and TCC.

4. Management Reporting Services on agreed upon forms and topics)

5. Payment Runs

6. Audit of Accounts on a Quarterly basis within the scope of CPA Services (“SMMM” )

7. Corporate Secretarial Services

8. Archiving Documents


Crowe TurkeyBackground of Crowe Troy – Crowe Troy is a part of an international network Crowe Global that belongs to the top 10 biggest global auditing networks, consisting of more than 140 independent accounting and advisory service firms in more than 100 countries around the world. Crowe Global member firms are known for their local knowledge, expertise and experience balanced by an international reputation for the highest quality of service. Currently, there are more than 200 employees working for Crowe Troy in Turkey . We have our 4 offices in 2 cities including İstanbul and İzmir.


Team suited to your requirements – We understand that professional experience of team members is an important criterion when considering quality. We believe quality of our team is well meeting your needs.


Our expertise - In our Company we concentrate on innovative approach to professional services including development of new consulting services. Currently we offer a wide scale of services including audit,  tax consulting,  transaction consulting,  risk management consulting,  forensic services,  EU fund consulting, consulting within internal processes etc. We focus on development of our people in various areas, which provides a broader view of companies.  


Our commitment to serving you – Elvan Inanli, partner coordinating all services provided to you is highly committed in ensuring that you will get good quality service provided with response time which you will consider to be reasonable.



Mrs. Elvan Inanli

Phone : +90 212 267 10 01

Email : [email protected]

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