Amendments to Article 119 of the Tax Code

The amendment establishes the issuance of an invoice called "Excluded Subject Invoice"

Pablo Avilés Salinas

Amendment to Article 119 of the Tax Code - "Excluded Subject Invoice"

Legislative Decree No. 191, which contains amendment to Article 119 of the Tax Code; and it was published in the Official Gazette No. 233, Volume No. 421 dated December 12, 2018.

In the reform of Article 119 of the Tax Code, it is established that VAT taxpayers, when acquiring goods and/or services to subjects excluded from the taxpayers' quality of said tax, must support such operations, by issuing an invoice that is it will be called "Excluded Subject Invoice".

The Tax Administration will assign and authorize the registered taxpayers that request the numbering of the invoices regulated in this article, so that they support the acquisitions of goods or services that they make to the excluded subjects of the taxpayers' quality.

We recommend our clients to document all their purchases to excluded subjects made during Fiscal Year 2019.

You can download the original publication of the Official Gazette here (in spanish only).