Tax regulations are very dynamic and evolving in nature to accommodate local and global trends and innovative forms of businesses.


We develop a lasting relationship by building value for our clients. During both good and challenging times Crowe Decker & Partners provide a base and resource for knowledge, experience and employing  strategic innovations and tax technology solutions to ease tax compliance and improve efficiency and tax cash flows.
Our tax professionals help our clients target areas to reduce tax burden thus increasing shareholder’s value by simply applying proactive and robust approaches to help businesses and private clients make sense of continually evolving issues related to government tax and other international tax laws.
At Crowe Decker & Partners our tax professionals have the experience and procedures to manage and monitor the acceptance, planning, performance and review of all tax- related work. We assist our clients in implementing strategies that will minimize their tax risks and exposures and thus resulting in minimized cost compliance with laws related to tax.

We offer the following tax services:
Value -added tax (VAT)
GST (Goods and services tax)
Reviewing and reporting of tax implications on specific studies, transactions or issues faced by our clients against the backdrop of existing Sierra Leone     company law, government regulations and court stipulations
Evaluation of the company’s compliance with existing laws and regulations (tax due diligence), attending to concerns regarding potential tax  liabilities and penalties
•Company and organizational structure evaluation and design, review of taxes and payable duties and exemption analyses

  Other Tax Services
Corporate tax in Sierra Leone
 Corporate tax is highly complex and maintaining compliance with various regulations can be a complicated enterprise. We aim to prevent harmful tax practices and to align with the international and local acceptable standards of tax transparency,  As a business owner, it is imperative to understand the tax laws and regulations in Sierra Leone where our clients operate, and corporation tax would be a crucial aspect while doing business in Sierra Leone.
The corporation tax laws in Sierra Leone are a form of direct taxes levied on the taxable income of the entity which is normally arrived by making various tax adjustments to the net income or profit of companies and other businesses of the entity. In Sierra Leone, taxable persons include:

Residents in Sierra Leone who are:
Judicial persons incorporated in Sierra Leone
Natural persons conducting businesses in Sierra Leone
Foreign judicial persons that are managed and controlled in Sierra Leone, and 
Any other person as may be specified from time to time
Non- residents who are:
Permanent establishment in Sierra Leone
Corporate tax rates in Sierra Leone
These are all contained in the income tax laws in Sierra Leone and we do make our various clients become aware of these and changes that  occur
Tax period
The tax period in Sierra Leone is the financial year commencing from 1 January and ending on 31 December of each year 
Exempt persons and incentives
These are all contained in the tax laws in Sierra Leone and we made them available to our clients from time to time
 In Sierra Leone, tax payers need to be mindful of the following:
Review their activities and asses the impact of any new corporate taxes in the Sierra Leone tax laws on their businesses
Consider readiness of their operations to manage the compliances and reporting obligations associated with any new corporate taxes in Sierra Leone and
Maintain adequate documentation from corporate tax perspectives in Sierra Leone.
In Sierra Leone we provide a wide  range of tax and tax advisory services covering corporate income taxes, personal income taxes, Goods and services tax and custom  duties reviews:
Tax compliance services: These include
Compliance with all applicable taxes, these being withholding taxes on payments to suppliers, withholding taxes from payments from customers, provisional and final income taxes, employment taxes PAYE) and employer and employees NASSIT contributions, and the Goods and services tax (GST).
Filing of monthly quarterly and annual tax returns in accordance with local tax regulations and submission of proof of filing.
Management of tax field audits commissioned by The National Revenue Authority.
Liaise with tax authorities on clients’ tax issues as and when the need arises.

Tax advisory services; These include:
Providing tailored  advice on tax and regulatory matters, their implications on different operations and or transactions
Providing advice on non-tax laws having financial and commercial impacts  such as employment laws, social security contributions, environmental taxes etc
Monitoring proposed legislations and changes in all applicable tax laws and providing advice  on how these may affect business operations.
Payroll services :  These include:
Assisting in developing contracts of employment for all levels of employees that meet regulatory requirements
Determination of computations of PAYE and NASSIT payments and advising on when payments are due to be made to the relevant tax authorities.
Assisting in computing end of service benefits in accordance with regulations and  or specific contract agreements
Transfer pricing
Value added tax
Cross border transactions
Tax valuations
Economic subsistence regulations
Global sustainability
Corporate compliance