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Many acquisitions do not meet expectations. The reasons vary from the bad structuring of the business, the lack of strategic aptitude, the inability to identify problems regarding the quality of the distributable benefits, the estimation of too optimistic synergies, to the lack of integration.

Evaluating a company in another country carries these risks. You, in addition to dealing with a different language and cultural barriers, will encounter commercial ethics, legal ordinances, presentation regulations, different accounting principles, transfer pricing pricing subject to taxes and, it is likely that there is even government participation.

But international business activities are often the best opportunities for growth. They offer improved benefits of economies of scale, new target markets for existing products and services, access to consumer goods and protection against seasonality.

Even sensible management and private investors can not know everything they should, in order for a transaction to be successful. This is why they need an experienced international consultant.

Consulting Services
We have the experience you need, since we carry out hundreds of corporate advisory transactions per year. Independent of the size of your transaction (from 50 million dollars to more than 1,000 million euros) you will receive the quick response and personalized attention that you will not find in any accounting firm that belongs to the Big Four (multinational audit and consulting companies) and will avoid conflicts of interest.