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Are you meeting or exceeding today’s elevated standards for risk management?

As an international business, you manage a challenging array of risks on multiple fronts: strategic, operations, compliance, and reporting. Today’s stakeholders – including shareholders, customers, and employees – expect high standards.

While cultures and customs vary, the language of identifying and monitoring risks is consistent in leading boardrooms and management suites throughout the world. Effective and consistent risk management gives you and your employees the confidence to focus on achieving your organization’s key business objectives.

Along with every risk comes opportunity. Therefore, leading organizations carefully assess and evaluate their portfolio of risks and allocate appropriate resources to identify and manage their key risks more effectively than competitors do. For such organizations, having an effective risk management function is now an essential management discipline.

 No organization, irrespective of size, can afford to ignore risks and their dynamics. Organizations must have in place a mechanism that timely identifies, managers and capitalizes on risks. We assist organizations manage risk by identifying their key risk factors, combining data files to locate exceptions to usual pattern or suspicious transactions, and compliance with laid down processes and procedures.

We deliver solutions that are practical and meant to add value to your business through the consolidation of the Internal Control and governance processes. We advise on the implementations of sound organizational strategies and the judicious use of technological solutions to enhance operational efficiencies.

We can analyse your systems, approach and operating processes and advise you on risk minimising techniques.
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Enterprise Risk Management
Business Risk Services-Internal Audit
Enterprise Risk Management

The spate of numerous corporate financial scandals has resulted in authorities legislating to protect shareholders and stakeholders. This has led organizations embrace risk management strategies that are broader, systematic and integrated in approach.

In today’s challenging economic environment, organizations need cutting-edge technology, cost efficiency and business expertise. Enterprise Risk Management addresses these issues and offers optimum business risk management services.

To help your organization cope with changing and complex security demands we offer you customized integrated and comprehensive tools to manage your compliance and risk management issues.

Risk assessment provides an organization with its overall risk profile. The organization can use the profile to identify which risks represent opportunities and which represent potential pitfalls.

Organizations that place emphasis on their risk assessment process thereby lay the foundation for establishing an effective enterprise risk management program (ERM) and are better positioned to capitalize on opportunities as they arise.

Business Risk Services-Internal Audit

Recent accounting scandals have impacted many companies in unexpected and adverse ways. The regulations and capital markets have placed an additional grievance burden on companies who now find they must spend more time to defend their corporate governance. This time spent defending governance is the same time that should aimed at fundamental management activities, including time spent on strategic planning and monitoring.

An effective internal audit will assist your company in fulfilling your objective of reducing risks and while minimizing surprises that negatively impact your bottom line.

We are fully equipped to offer a personal approach to helping you overcome these and other challenges with a high quality of service which is second to none. Our professional staff are highly motivated, up to-date and deliver what our clients’ demand.