Marcial Cavazos Ortiz

C.P.C. Marcial A. A. Cavazos Ortíz

Tax Partner
Mexico Office - Satelite
Collaborate in the tax area. He is a member of the Association of Public Accountants of Mexico, A.C., where he is a member of the Fiscal Investigation Commission, of which he is a former president; He was also an Advisor to the Vice Presidency of Continuing Professional Education during the 2010-2012 biennium. He is also a member of the Mexican Institute of Public Accountants, A.C., where he is a member of the representative Commission of the Institute before the Federal Tax Administration and is former president of that same Commission.
Former president of the Fiscal Commission of the Firm. He has participated as an exhibitor in various business organizations and in various Associations of Public Accountants federated to the IMCP; He is also a co-author of the books "Manual of the Simplified Regime, Second Edition", "Manual for the Defense of Taxpayers through Public Accountants" and "Fiscal Cost in the transfer of shares". He was a juror of the Fiscal Marathon of the Public Accountants Association of Mexico 2013. He has collaborated with articles for the newspapers Excélsior, El Economista and El Financiero, as well as for Punto Finos magazine. Instructor in the Continuing Professional Education Program of the Firm.