We provide a wide range of accounting, process
outsourcing and business advisory service

Unlock more insightful due diligence.

Crowe provides a focused and flexible approach to due diligence for mergers and acquisitions in Maldives. We analyze the specific needs of strategic buyers, private companies, and lenders to uncover the real value and inherent risks of your transaction.
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Due Diligence
Insolvency Services
Resort Consulting Services
Financial Advisory Services
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Due Diligence
Business Valuation
Crowe can help before/after an acquisition: determining the right price, taking into account market conditions, determining alternative deal structures.
Sell-side and Buy-side Due Diligence
We help you analyze financials, operations, people, culture, assets, capabilities, processes, and technologies.
Pre-deal Evaluation and Structuring
Crowe provides advice on structuring transactions, including accounting and tax considerations and capital implications.
Insolvency Services
We assist in liquidation of companies through initial advisory to final de-registration of companies as court appointed or member’s voluntary liquidation. 
Arbitration Support
Arbitration Support for companies with shareholders’ disputes and insolvency problems. Our legal experts can help you to resolve disputes among shareholders, as independent advisors. 
  •    Advice on closure of business
  •    De-registration of companies

  •    Liquidation consultation and support
Resort Consulting Services

Our expert team can provide insight into all facets of a resort or guest house buy/sell transaction in Maldives including following:

  •    Advice on site selection

  •    Feasibility studies

  •    Valuation of resorts. 

  •    Financial & Operational Due Diligence of resorts and guest houses. 

  •    Ownership transfer process of resorts. 

  •    Government and labor relations

Financial Advisory Services

We assist companies to raise finance for expansion of their business. Our financial advisory services include:

  •    Drafting business plan for purposes of obtaining finance. 

  •    Providing information on the various financial assistance schemes administered by governmental bodies

  •    Assistance in submission of applications and monitoring of the status. 

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