Strategic Partnership with Correl Counsels LLP

Correl Counsels LLP: a multi-disciplinary firm specializing in legal, consulting and tax advisory services.

Strategic Partnership with Correl Counsels 

Crowe Maldives is thrilled to announce today that it has entered into a new strategic partnership with Correl Counsels. Correl Counsels is a multi-disciplinary firm providing legal, consulting, and tax advisory services for the benefit of international and locally owned businesses within the Maldives.

The team at Correl Counsels comprises of lawyers and consultants with industry and commercial insights to provide a comprehensive suit of business services - be it strategic, operational, or transactional and all under one roof. Correl Counsels will be providing tax advisory services in affiliation with Crowe Maldives and we are pleased to have this opportunity to work alongside Correl Counsels to provide value added services to our clients.

As Crowe Maldives continues to grow and expand, we aim to offer more business value to our clients and with this aim we believe that forming a strategic partnership with a law firm will allow our firm to add significant business value to our clients. It is our view that this partnership will cater to our international and local clientele who seek to acquire a range of commercial services in this rapidly evolving and challenging business environment.

We look forward to further developing and strengthening this collaboration and aim to work together to achieve common goals in providing top-notch business solutions.


We welcome our affiliated Correl Counsel partners:

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