By using expert advice, SME business owners can spare more time to explore strategy, business growth, and reduce costs contrary to popular belief.

Aminath Mifaza

SME business plays a vital role in the economy, they help to reform the country’s economy by adding values and employment opportunities. SME’s face serval challenges in the Maldives, especially from the funding side. Another challenge SME’s face is a lack of time to concentrate on core strengths. As costs become a concern, SME owners tend to solve problems on their own. 


There are lots of benefits for small business owners for hiring a business consultant early on, as professional business consulting services bring additional expertise and give a certain push to SME’s growths. Consultants can provide a significant amount of value for an organization ranging from cost control, cash flow management, tax, and legal compliance. By using expert advice, SME business owners can spare more time to explore strategy and business growth.


The following are some of the services provided by us for SMEs.


Bookkeeping and Accounting


With years of experience in the industry, we can help to identify the current financial position of the business and prepare for the future. Our team is determined to deliver quality accountancy services with efficiency and accuracy to free you from financial administration and ease your compliance burden. 


Tax Compliance Services


The tax environment is consistently changing, we can assure you that our advisers work closely with all the relevant authorities and give up-to-date and relevant tax advice. We will help with all the aspects of corporate and individual taxes, fulfilling all the tax obligations and reduce the tax burden of our clients. 


Payroll and Pensions


We can provide you a fully tailors payroll and pension service, arrange to meet the individual needs of the business. Our payroll and pension service is not limited to only processing the payroll, we will keep our clients up-to-date regarding the ongoing compliances, latest legislation, and advice on HR related matters. 


Statutory Financial Reports


We provide financial reports in accordance with International Financial Reporting Standards, with decades of experience in the industry we are committed to providing you a quality report designed for your company’s situation and industry. 


Financial Management and Analysis


Our advisors are professionally qualified to give independent advice and provide you a solution after a well-researched study. We can assist with restructuring the financial policies, streamlining the operations, policies for internal controls, and securing investments. 


Digital Transformation


We offer digital transformation to ensure SMEs keep both application and infrastructure level IT expenses at a minimum and provide the much-needed agility.

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Aminath Mifaza
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