Our People

Dedicated professionals and graduated from reputable institutions
Our Support Team

Our Support Team

SG Financial Services Limited is staffed by experienced, trusted and committed professionals. The directors are Fellows of The Association of Chartered Certified Accountants of England. They are qualified, trained and worked in London and their post qualification experiences to date cover a variety of business, financial, tax and consulting assignments both at local and international levels.

Our aim is to help our clients preserve and enhance their wealth through better planning. Each and every client’s affairs are handled with utmost confidentiality. We provide international tax planning services to clients worldwide.

Our Staff

Ootum A Sewraz
Managing Partner
Crowe SG
sheela Dwarka
Sheela J. Dwarka
Director and Money Laundering Reporting Officer
Crowe SG
Vijay K Dwarka
Job Title: Director
Crowe SG
Ashish Beeharry
Chief Accounting Officer
Crowe SG
Joeri Henri Vanhuynegem
Crowe SG
Varuna Ganowree
Operations Manager
Crowe SG