Learning and talent development

Learning and talent development

At CROWE SG, you will be put on a learning and development program to ensure that you become a top-grade professional in the process. Our development program focuses on developing your technical skills as well as enhancing your grasp of the latest updates and changes in the industry. There are also opportunities for personal skills development such as leadership, time management, interpersonal skills, and others. Staff-initiated team-building activities are highly encouraged by the firm.

At CROWE SG, we believe that the education, training, and development of its employees are particularly important in relation to:

  • Attracting and maintaining a workforce that is committed and able to meet the demands of providing a quality
    service, at a competitive cost in a specialized and ever-changing environment;
  • The induction and orientation of new employees;
  • Keeping employees up-to-date, and abreast of new equipment, methods, and techniques in relation to their work,
    and updating skills, knowledge, etc., so as to enable employees to retain and improve their abilities,
    efficiency, motivation, etc.;
  • The general development of employees through, e.g., educational courses leading to appropriate
    professional certification, or non-qualification courses providing advanced knowledge in an appropriate
    subject or discipline, etc.

CROWE SG promotes and encourage participation in education and training program which are designed to meet or will assist in meeting, the general objectives outlined above.

This policy has been implemented to encourage employees to highly concentrate on their education which is in accordance with our Staff Training and Development program.

Staff working at CROWE SG and having exams for any accountancy qualifications are entitled to study and exam leaves.

Inspiring work culture

We are a performance-based yet very much people-focused firm – we believe in building value for both clients and for ourselves – with our set of core values, which we hold close to our hearts. Not only are these values translated into our work and service approach, but they have also become our culture, and our way of life at CROWE SG Ltd. Here at CROWE SG, we practice an open-door policy and strongly advocate mentoring. We work hard but we enjoy playing too, taking time off for dinners, movies, games, and outings.