Financial, Corporate & Investment advisory

Crowe SG has been active in the financial, corporate and capital markets side, through its whole-owned subsidiary, SG Kapital.


Financial, Corporate & Investment advisory

1. Corporate Finance & Capital Markets

Crowe SG has been active in the financial, corporate and capital markets side, through its whole-owned subsidiary, SG Kapital.

Consequently, SG Kapital provides investment Consulting and Advisory Services to major corporates worldwide and high and ultra-high net worth individuals & Specialist Investment Funds. We advise on transactions ranging from 10m+ and have considerable transactions experience in the following sectors:

Oil & gas, renewables, hospitality, real estate (commercial & residential), infrastructure, education, mining, transportation, Tech and IT, healthcare etc. We have advised and is currently advising on Emerging & Frontier markets.

SG Kapital assist clients in raising Capital as Equity and structure debt as well and provides a full transaction planning, strategy and execution capabilities and platform, from a tax and legal structuring perspective as well in order to maximise after-tax returns for the particular project or assignment.

2.We also have a full-fledged M & A transactional and support team, whereby we source potential corporate targets, define strategies and provide advice on potential acquisitions and target.

  We also provide asset portfolio structuring services and asset refinancing as well.
  SG Kapital has a global network of contacts, namely with solid, experienced and trustworthy partners in Africa, Middle East, Europe and North America and therefore is a specialist investment Advisor/boutique to Emerging and Frontier markets. 

  SG Kapital has also extensive experience within the Venture Capital Sectors as well and therefore assist potential start-ups, in the Biotech, Medicaltech, IT, IT Security, Fintech, Artificial Intelligence (AI), block chain and other sectors and assist them in their finding requirement and opportunities, via a strategic or financial investor, access to global markets (access to merging African & Asian markets), strategy redefinition, growth strategies, etc.

3. Specialised Investment Advisory

SG Kapital, has the ability through its cross-disciplinary team to provide specialised investment advisory services, financial engineering and structuring services and other investment related serviced such as:

Investment Sourcing and Origination, thorough financial, legal and operational Due Diligence, Macroeconomic research with top down approach and analysis.  Customised portfolio construction services with minimised variance approach and appropriate risk management and monitoring services, customised to individual portfolios.