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Crowe (MC) CPAs

Crowe (MC) CPAs (Crowe Macao) is a sister firm of Crowe (HK) CPA Limited and a member firm of Crowe Global. We provide a wide range of professional services including audit, tax and business advisory services to clients from different parts of the world.

Crowe Macao and Crowe (HK) have around 30 directors and principals, 350 professional and supporting members, providing strong technical strength to the firms. With the extensive resources and global support of Crowe Global, we are able to serve our clients on an international level with local expertise.

Faced with the gradual opening of the Chinese economy, our unique strengths continually enable us to act reciprocally in assisting Chinese enterprises to access the international markets and at the same time helping our international clients to establish presence in the vast Chinese market. The growing importance of China in the world economy has attracted foreign interest in the region. Our knowledge of China combined with our international connections provide our clients with a unique perspective to promote development and success in this lucrative market.

Global Connections

With the strong global connections established over the years, we have engaged our best efforts to provide our international clients with quality services. One of our strengths is to bring Chinese enterprises to foreign capital markets. Our professional team has facilitated numerous merger and acquisitions involving Chinese enterprises to acquire international companies and assets. Concurrently we have provided taxation, advisory and accounting services to foreign companies wishing to establish themselves in the Greater China region. Throughout the years, we have established solid relationships with other professionals and businesses from around the world.

With the support from Crowe Global, which has been ranked among the top 10 global accounting networks, our worldwide connections draw from resources in almost all regions of the world. This allows us to offer services with a global perspective and unique local knowledge to our clients who wish to pursue business endeavors in the international markets or international clients who want to establish presence in the Greater China region.

Our Professional Team

Our team's extensive knowledge in the rules and regulations of local and international capital markets enable us to assume an active role in assisting clients in their listings and fund-raising exercises. Our past experience includes assisting Chinese and local enterprises to list on the Main Board and the Growth Enterprise Market (GEM) of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange; NASDAQ in the USA; SESDAQ in Singapore; the Alternative Investment Market (AIM) and PLUS Market in the United Kingdom. We have the connections and expertise to assemble a multifunctional team with experienced professionals to provide turnkey listing and consulting services to our clients.