Audit and Assurance

Our team is well-trained, experienced, with a wealth of specialist knowledge sharing a wide based culture of values and principles in order to achieve goals and overcome challenges. We provide financial audit of financial statements according to local GAAP & IFRS.


An audit serves to boost confidence in financial statements. We provide an opinion on whether the statements adhere to the relevant financial reporting framework, significantly elevating their credibility. Audits are typically essential for external parties like regulators, banks, creditors, potential buyers, and investors seeking a professional assessment of the financial statements.


A review's extent is narrower than an audit, resulting in a reduced level of assurance. Our review involves evaluating the credibility of reported information, mainly through inquiries, analytical methods, and discussions. Often conducted for banks, creditors, and potential buyers, this process offers a valuable assessment of financial statements.


Certain entities don't require comprehensive financial statements with all standard disclosures or the level of assurance from audits or reviews. For these cases, we create compiled statements using data provided by management or proprietors. Compiled financial statements are commonly generated alongside an organization's tax returns, catering to specific needs without extensive reporting or assurance demands.

Special reports

Crowe Audit FPA SRL offers specialized services for organizations seeking assurance beyond their financial statements. Through agreed-upon procedures and dedicated reports, we aid readers in evaluating aspects like statutory adherence and regulatory compliance. Our special reports also extend to financial statements not aligned with established frameworks or presentations that meet contractual or regulatory obligations.

Our services include:

  • Audits of historical financial information according to local GAAP & IFRS
  • Audits of specialized areas, including financial statements prepared in accordance with special purpose frameworks
  • Review engagements
  • Assurance engagements other than audits or reviews
  • Agreed upon procedures and compilation of the financial statements
  • Due diligence