Elena Panainte

Managing Partner FCCA, CPA

Elena is a seasoned Partner auditor with an unwavering dedication to delivering exceptional financial audit and assurance services. With 16 years of experience, she has established her reputation as a trusted leader in the field, driving excellence in auditing practices and fostering long-term client relationships. Throughout her career, Elena has held key leadership positions in reputable audit firms, overseeing audit engagements for clients across diverse industries. She possesses a deep understanding of complex financial systems, risk management, and regulatory compliance, ensuring that audits are conducted with utmost precision and attention to detail.

Elena has successfully spearheaded comprehensive audit programs, managed large teams of auditors and engaged with clients at all levels of their organizations. Her exceptional leadership skills, combined with a strategic mindset, enable her to establish effective audit strategies, drive process improvements, and deliver high-quality assurance services to clients.

Elena is known for her unwavering commitment to ethical conduct, integrity, and transparency. She is passionate about building strong teams, fostering a culture of collaboration, and mentoring aspiring auditors to reach their full potential.

Certifications and qualifications:

  • MBA Oxford Brookes
  • Member of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants in the United Kingdom (ACCA), 2015
  • Certified Auditor for Financial Institutions (CAFI), 2012
  • Certified Auditor (CPA), 2011