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Audit Services:

High-quality audit services combine companies, organizations, small businesses, government entities, and individuals as well, as the ability to drive continual improvement through technology.

Audit Services:

provides hand-in-hand processes, that add credibility to your financial reporting, through evaluation and verification of the available records in your company.

The efficiency of business operations and compliance rely on an independent professional service as per accounting standards and principles. With industry expertise and a technology-enabled approach, Crowe Liberia can help you maintain financial reporting excellence so your stakeholders can have confidence in the integrity of the financial data you report.

We have a technological and people-driven approach to our audit services and methodology. Our audit team provides services to clients that bring much more than quality with deep technical accounting, business, and audit knowledge. We deploy automation that drives innovation customized to your audit. Our Audit covers:

Financial statements audit;
Statutory Audits;
Auditing Employee Defined Benefits and Defined Contribution Plans;
Auditing Health and Welfare Plan- Defined benefits and Defined Contributions;
IT assurance services;
Forensic and Investigative Audit; and
Special Purpose Audit
Audit and assurance services

Exploring our audit and assurance services below:

Financial Statements audit Crowe Liberia delivers financial statement audits based on a deep knowledge of each client’s business, in accordance with the international financial reporting framework.

Statutory audits

Crowe Liberia specialists help you navigate through statutory audit reporting obligations with extensive global experience and powerful technology. Our statutory audit review focuses on the accuracy of records held by an organization, business, government entity, or individual, which involves the analysis of financial records or other areas.

Employee benefit plan audit
Our firm has wealth of experience and training in auditing benefit plans and related accounting and reporting issues. This includes Defined Benefits, Defined Contributions, and Health and welfare plans. We have experience with the audit approach for both Full scope and limited-scope audits of employee benefit plans. We are the first class in reviewing System and Organization Control 1 (SOC 1) Type 1 and type 2 for Service organizations.

Our dedicated specialists have the technical expertise to uncover any areas, to safeguard the financial integrity of the plan to provide health, retirement, and other associated benefits for improvement or concern in managing your company’s employee benefit fund.

Our specialist will prepare Defined Benefit and contribution plan financial statements that are compliant with IFRS and GAAP.

IT Audit Services

Crowe Liberia offers IT assurance services to help you assess internal controls and security risks throughout your IT infrastructure and across your third-party relationships.


We take matters of quality very seriously. Reporting directly to the Managing Partner, our Quality Control Department reviews every client report and underlying work, before being released to the client.

All partners and staff, to varying degrees, are responsible for implementing the Firm’s policies and procedures. The Firm recognizes the importance of obtaining input from its personnel on its SOQM and encourages staff to comment on the existing policies and procedures. The Firm’s SOQM is designed not to operate in a linear manner, but will continually evolve on the basis of changes in the nature and circumstances of the Firm and its engagements, as well as from significant updates to International Standards on Auditing, International Standards on Quality Management, IESBA code of ethics or any other relevant legislation.


This SOQM consists of policies and procedures covering the following areas as required under ISQM 1:

• The Firm’s Risk Assessment Process (“RAP”);

• Governance and Leadership;

• Relevant ethical requirements;

• Acceptance and Continuance of Client Relationships and Specific Engagements;

• Engagement Performance;

• Resources;

• Information and communication; and

• The Monitoring and Remediation process.

A Partner or Director/Manager directly supervises and is responsible for every audit, including Audit planning; Evaluation of internal accounting control structure, and Preparation and initial review of financial statements.