Personalised solutions derived from a deep understanding of the law.

Is your business truly tax-efficient?

Decision making is the critical part of a business and a good decision can only be taken, if you have considered the tax implications. Structuring your business in accordance with the law of Sri Lanka is a critical success factor, as an erroneous structure could become an Achilles Heel. We will understand your business and formulate a simple, clear and effective tax structure. We are considered as one of the leaders of tax consultants in Sri Lanka, established over 20 years.
1.0 Tax Compliance 

Our well experienced & qualified tax team is concentrated on effective and efficient tax solutions to our clients on proactive basis in order to manage their tax affairs well within the four corners of the tax law. The firm provides supreme tax service to its client supported by our core values of leadership, honesty, tenacity and search for excellence. 

2.0 Dispute Management

We are one of the main firms in Sri Lanka which specialises in  resolving disputes with tax authorities well within the prevailing laws. We represent the clients to take control of the dispute resolution process to get effective results.

3.0 Tax Planning 

It is almost essential to plan the tax affairs of the company in order to enhance the value of the company in advance in order to face the tomorrow’s complex issues and challenges. Our proactive tax team is focused on helping the client to maximize the value of the company.  

4.0 Transfer Pricing

We provide a holistic process which will derive transfer pricing documentation from the company’s business.