We offer our clients a range of comprehensive consulting services in the field of taxation.
We can resolve any tax issue arising in the course of your organization's operations in order to optimize tax liabilities and eliminate potential tax risks in the future.

Our Tax Services

We advice on the following tax issues:
  • Personal taxation;
  • Corporate taxation;
  • Indirect taxation (VAT);
  • International taxation (including double tax treaties);
  • Transfer pricing.
We can review tax liabilities of your organization in order to identify and eliminate all possible tax risks. During the review, we analyze tax returns, contracts, accounting records and other supporting documents of the organization in compliance with the requirements of the tax legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan.
We can conduct both a comprehensive tax audit of the enterprise and an express check with the identification of the most significant tax risks.
We can analyze tax accounting procedures in your organization, the availability and effectiveness of the system of internal control and give recommendations on establishing or improving tax accounting procedures, as well as prepare a tax accounting policy and registers reflecting procedures for maintaining tax accounting in the organization.
We can support your organization during tax litigations with state tax authorities. We will analyze the state tax audit report and prepare necessary documentation, complaint, appeal for submission to the tax authorities and corresponding courts.
Under the Kazakh tax law, all taxpayers are required to develop, maintain and regularly update a tax accounting policy. This policy records the taxpayers’ tax accounting principles, policies and procedures in accordance with the tax law. In addition, it is a requirement to develop, maintain and regularly update tax registers to record and systemize information about a taxpayer’s operations.
We can prepare the tax accounting policy reflecting all tax law requirements, as well as prepare tax registers taking into account the latest changes in the tax law. This will allow the organization to eliminate significant potential tax risks in future.
We can analyze cross-border transactions of your organization (or group of companies) in order to identify and eliminate possible risks associated with transfer pricing. Based on results of our work, we will prepare documentation confirming market prices for your organization, prepare reporting on transfer pricing or your organization's policy on transfer pricing.
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