Strategy & Risk Advisory Services(SRAS)

We provide clients with a wide range of corporate strategy and risk advisory services to enable the clients to effectively respond to changes in the complex corporate business environment.
Business Advisory Services (BAS)
        - General business advisory service
        - Consultation on ERP system setup
        - Analysis of major suppliers and clients
        - Consultation on application of US GAAP 
Advisory Services for Improving Revenue Scheme and Saving Costs
        - Activity Based Costing/ Management, Balanced Score Card, 6sigma, etc.
        - Business Process Analysis
        - Royalty and License Management  
Regulatory Advisory Services
        - Cost Allocation and Planning
        - Credit Review
        - Regulatory Advisory Services  
Advisory services for successful business transition
        - Accounting procedure manual
        - Business model workshop 
        - Business process outsourcing  
Strategic Enterprise Management (SEM) Consulting
The ultimate goal of Hanul is to achieve success and strengthen competitiveness for clients who constantly pursue improvement of their work environment in this competitive and ever changing business world.  To make it possible, based on many years of experience and knowledge, Hanul is at all times on the lookout for finding the right solution to meet the needs of our clients, always one step ahead of the competition, and providing advice and solutions appropriate to both the internal and external business environment of our clients. The areas of SEM consulting that Hanul provides include, but are not limited to:

        - Strategy Development
        - Balanced Score Card 
        - Strategic Planning & Simulation 
        - Organization/ HR Strategy 
        - Activity Based Costing 
        - Business Process Reengineering 
        - Customer Relationship Management  
Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) Consulting

Hanul provides clients with the following risk advisory services relating to business risk management.

        - Services relating to management and monitoring of risk factors based on professional
          solutions on corporate risk factors
        - Comprehensive risk management system including internal risks (involving operation,
          finance, strategy, ethics) and external risks (involving legal scheme, treaty, politics,  
          and various other external business environment) 

Our Enterprise Risk Management Services (ERMS) include:

        - Internal control
        - Anti-corruption
        - Business risk assessment
        - Business activity monitoring and others