We assist companies to liaise with the GDT on tax audits, present the company’s arguments and supporting documents to defend against any tax findings, make protests or appeals to the GDT if necessary and negotiate with the GDT for a favourable settlement. 

There are 3 types of tax audits:

  1. Desk audits which focuses on unclear or irregular items in the Tax Returns filed with the GDT
  2. Limited audits which focuses on taxes other than Tax on Income such as withholding tax, VAT, Specific Tax, Public Lighting Tax, Accommodation Tax, etc. 
  3. Comprehensive audits which can cover all aspects of tax and which include examination of accounting records, documents and financial reports. Comprehensive audits are more extensive and thorough compared to limited audits.

Our Service Leaders

Poon Yew Hoe
Yew Hoe Poon
Managing Partner
Chea Virakphakdei
Virakphakdei  Chea
Business Manager