Corporate Advisory

Taking Your Business to the Next Level of Growth

Are you making the best decision for your company’s future?

Many acquisitions fail to live up to expectations. The reasons range from poor deal structure, poor strategic fit, failure to identify problems with the quality of earnings, overly optimistic estimates of synergies, to lack of an integration plan.

Evaluating a company in another country compounds these risks. You are dealing with a different language and cultural barriers; different business ethics, legal systems, filing regulations, and accounting principles; transfer pricing that affects taxation – and often government involvement.

But international deals often provide the best growth opportunities. They can offer improved returns from economies of scale, new target markets for existing products/services, access to commodity materials, and a hedge against seasonality.

Even savvy managements and private equity investors cannot know everything they should to make a deal successful, so they need an experienced international advisor. Please feel free to contact our office with any questions regarding advisory services.

In demanding work such as corporate restructuring where rules, deadlines and objectives change overnight, satisfying the respective parties and staying on top of things is an art itself and a real challenge we relish in.

There are two key strengths that set us apart – a trained, experienced eye for detail and a success-driven passion to serve. When your growing business needs a holding hand, our team of corporate advisors is here to do what we do best – taking your business to the next level of growth.


1.0 Liquidation and Insolvency Services

  • Act as liquidator for winding up of companies 

2.0 Restructuring Services for Companies

  • Restructure companies due to financial distress or for business efficiency 

3.0 Initial Public Offering (IPO) Services

  • Assist companies to prepare for an IPO

4.0 Merger & Acquisition Services

  • Assist companies to find merger partners or acquisition targets

5.0 China Desk