Risk RL

Risk Services

Our Risk Consulting Services are focused on the areas of internal audits, systems and controls, cyber-security and Third party risk

We assist business across multiple sectors to manage and reduce risks that are inevitable in the fast-paced and constantly evolving globalised business environ.

We draw on specialized skills and resources in risk consulting within the Crowe Global network, while also supporting international client needs through a team of trained and experienced auditors and advisors in India.

Internal Audit

Internal Audit has much to offer as a business support tool, for those that seek it – ranging from mere compliance with statute or governance requirements, upto being an essential management ‘eye’ to control and mitigate risk.

Besides, full-scope or limited scope internal audits we also provide assistance by way of:

  • ICFR reviews and documentation
  • SOX compliance
  • Co-sourced services to assist internal audit teams of MNCs and domestic companies
  • IT Audits

Our objective Risk-based approach enables enhanced compliance and risk management.

Risk Assessment  —  Audit Plan  —  Results  —  Risk Analysis

Reporting & Recommendations

Follow-up  —  Improved risk management  —  Enhanced governance


Cyber-security is among the highest risks in the modern digital business environ. Cyber risks can impact the very existence and ratings of businesses, across sectors and scale of operations, that are dependent upon technology for their operations.

We assist clients in analysing and managing cyber risks that impact their businesses in myriad and ever-changing ways. We draw on the vast and proven expertise of our network firms to provide effective support and advice to companies, to manage their cyber risk challenges.

Third Party Risks

Indian companies, particularly in the SME space, are yet to adequately recognise the impact of Third Party Risks.

Businesses increasingly rely upon external vendors and service providers, in an ever tightening time scale. Contractual, commercial or existential risks to such external parties can severely impact the businesses with whom they work.  These risks increase manifold in the globalised economy.

We offer solutions through

  • Third Party Assessments
  • Information Security Assessments