Security testing

Our Security Testing Services

Vulnerability Assessment (VA) & Penetration Testing (PT)

VA-PT are essential security measures to identify and address security vulnerabilities in an entity’s IT infrastructure, applications, and networks. We offer two distinct testing methodologies - Black Box Testing and Grey Box Testing - allowing us to comprehensively scan different components and provide targeted outcomes. Related advice on effective security controls and compliance with standards, helps enhance the organization’s cybersecurity posture, preventing losses and ensuring business continuity. We offer actionable solutions to address identified issues and stay ahead of potential threats. Our VA-PT services align with ISO 27001, PCI-DSS, and Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) best practices, making annual assessments mandatory for critical systems and internet-facing infrastructure.

Secure Code Review

Code review plays a critical role in assessing an application's source code for potential vulnerabilities and weaknesses. We use manual and automated inspections to evaluate the application's security posture, identify coding flaws, and propose effective remediation strategies. This proactive approach enables organizations to prevent costly data breaches and system disruptions, safeguarding reputation and customer trust. Adoption of secure coding practices at development or pre-deployment stages helps clients to identify and eliminate common vulnerabilities early on. Further, integrating regular security code review into the Software Development Life Cycle enhances code quality, improves cost-effectiveness, and reduces reputational and operating risks.

Secure Configuration Review

Security Configuration Review is a critical service for any organization seeking to maintain a robust and secure IT infrastructure. This process assesses the security posture of servers and devices by reviewing their configuration settings. A secure baseline configuration provided by the original equipment manufacturer (OEM), Security Content Automation Protocol (SCAP), or Center for Internet Security (CIS) benchmarks is used to assess and compare the current configuration of various components, including operating systems, network devices, applications, and databases. Our service helps organizations reduce attack surfaces, strengthen their security posture, and prevent security breaches.

Secure Cloud Configuration Review

Cloud Configuration Review examines the configuration of cloud infrastructure, including Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform (GCP), to identify vulnerabilities and misconfigurations. We assess the security configurations of virtual machines, storage services (AWS S3 and Azure Blob Storage), databases (AWS RDS and Azure SQL Database), and serverless functions (Azure VM, S3 bucket, Azure Function app, or AWS Lambda), ensuring compliance with entity / industry standards and best practices. This review helps identify potential weaknesses, and provide actionable recommendations to strengthen cloud security.

Secure Architecture Review

The Secure Architecture Review bolsters an organization's security by analyzing the architecture of systems and applications to identify vulnerabilities and weaknesses and develop responses to fortify an entity’s security posture Our review scope includes security controls, policies, coding practices, design, testing, data protection, authentication, authorization, and network architecture, further helping satisfy compliance with industry and regulatory standards to reducing security risks and exposure