IT Audit

Our IT Audit & Advisory Services

ISMS and ISO 27001 Consulting

Information security management systems (ISMS) and ISO 27001 consulting help organizations establish robust information security management systems consistent with ISO 27001 standards and regulatory requirements. We assess the organization's existing information security controls, policies, and procedures, and assist in the development and implementation of a customized ISMS to meet the ISO 27001 requirements; in turn, this enables organizations to achieve ISO 27001 certification with a strong defense against cyber threats.

Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC)

Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) is a strategic management approach that helps businesses identify and manage risks, comply with regulations and policies, and make informed decisions to achieve their objectives by managing their overall governance, enterprise risk management, and compliance with regulations. Our GRC service helps create awareness, understand needs and scope of GRC relative to cyber risk and assess the quality and maturity of IT controls using industry-standard frameworks such as ISO 27001 and the NIST cybersecurity framework. We help develop and implement a program for risk identification, assessment, and management associated with the organization's operations, regulatory and contractual and best practice governance processes.

SOC 1/SOC 2 Audit & Certification

SOC 1/SOC 2 Audit & Certification is a rigorous assessment conducted under AICPA and other international standards. We assist clients to prepare for the SOC certification through process and controls assessment, gap analysis, design, and implementation of remedial actions. SOC certification enables entities to confirm their commitment to security standards, processing integrity, confidentiality, and privacy, thereby earning trust from customers and stakeholders.

Data Privacy Consulting

Data privacy is a paramount concern in today's digital landscape, with international and domestic regulatory provisions, and governance requirements of best practices. . Our Data Privacy consulting services offer a comprehensive solution to assess your current practices, establish robust frameworks that meet regulatory and governance requirements and best practices, and safeguard sensitive customer data. We help you mitigate potential risks and vulnerabilities associated with data privacy and enhance the compliance levels of your digital platforms.

Digital Security Awareness

Humans are often the weakest link in the security chain. End-user awareness and training are essential to reducing the overall digital risk of any business. Equally vital is the understanding and support of management. To address these critical aspects, we offer comprehensive Digital Security Awareness workshops tailored for management, IT staff, and other users. Our workshops equip management with the knowledge and tools to champion security initiatives effectively, while empowering IT staff with the latest security practices, enhancing their ability to protect digital infrastructure. Improved digital security awareness supports business continuity, reputation protection and strengthens organization's defense against evolving cyber threats.

System Audit ITGC / SOX

ITGC / SOX reviews help satisfy that an organization's internal controls related to IT systems and processes are effective in mitigating financial reporting risks; weakness are identified for designing and implementing remediations.

Third Party Risk

Third-party risk, also known as vendor / counter-party risk, is the process of assessing and managing the potential technology based risks arising from business relations with third-parties. The potential for such risk is materially enhanced in the rapidly growing e-enabled environment. We offer a comprehensive approach to identifying and managing third party risks and setting processes and controls to safeguard operations and data and mitigate disruptions. We also help you protect sensitive data and maintain compliance with regulatory requirements.