Art of Smart

Crowe’s The Art of Smart: More Critical Than Ever

Art of Smart
Crowe’s global research shows smart decision-making is now business critical
Crowe Global today launches The Art of Smart – the third series of annual insights based on expert observations and global research findings. Designed to trigger discussion and debate, the series of insights provide business leaders with a road map on how and why making smarter decisions is imperative to creating lasting value. 

Growth, diversity, boldness and innovation are the critical strategic indicators used by Crowe to evaluate the quality of decision-making in organizations across the world. Understanding the actions that positively contribute to these four factors is essential to effectively navigate these unprecedented times.

The Art of Smart brings together experts from inside Crowe and introduces its audience to other forward-thinking organizations. This community of thought leaders share their innovative viewpoints on the issues that matter to business as the world emerges from the pandemic and into a new way of working. 

The insight series shines a spotlight on those organizations across the world who are thriving and pushing boundaries. Exclusive interviews have been conducted with leaders across a number of sectors, including Pavlos Spyropoulos, Chief Executive at Lloyd’s Asia, Darren Murph, Head of Remote at Gitlab and Janine Chamberlain, Senior Director at LinkedIn.

David Mellor, CEO, Crowe Global says: “Following the events of the last 12 months, The Art of Smart is more essential reading today than ever before. Studies have shown that organizations that make better and faster decisions are more likely to outperform their competitors. 

“We have produced a number of insightful articles and interviews that address a number of challenges facing business leaders now and in the near future. Most organizations and leaders – including me – have had to take different forms of decision making in the past year. We have had to make more choices – some of which had not been contemplated before the coronavirus crisis – and make them faster. 

“As a leader I have always been a champion of change, both professionally and personally, the future excites me. It will be fascinating to see which bold choices made by leaders pay off in the coming years. The Art of Smart provides interesting points of view with content that will enable and empower organizations to make smarter decisions. We don't have all the answers, but we want to drive business-critical conversations – I urge you to join in with the discussions.”