Legal Advisory Services

Our tax advisory service has been conceived as a dynamic and approachable service, aimed at providing rapid and suitable responses to our clients’ needs

Professional Services Areas

Commercial and Corporate Law
  • Planning, incorporation and follow up of companies, EIAs, Joint Ventures and other forms of business organizations. Risk-capital companies.
  • General commercial agreements
  • Corporate governance protocols for family firms and groups, organization of and advise on Family Offices, partnership agreements, groups restructuring, Technical Secretary
  • Advice on Project Finance processes
  • Corporate Governance. Technical Secretary, advice.
Corporate and Restructuring
  • Corporate restructuring
  • Advice on structured finance and financial derivatives.
  • Debt restructuring. Stand-still agreements and bridge loans.
  • Advice on pre-insolvency proceedings and on the preparation and follow up of feasibility plans.
  • Transactional agreements
  • Distressed M&A, advice on the sale and acquisition of business units.
  • Advice on the relationships between the Company and its shareholders and on the liability of managers, advisors and senior management.
Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Sales of assets and companies.
  • Due Diligence processes
  • Private Equity
  • Design and implementation of corporate restructuring and reorganization
  • Partnership agreements and Joint-Venture agreements.
Labour and Employment Law
  • General advice on Employment Law
  • Legal assistance before tribunals and courts with jurisdiction over company and administrative matters. Participation in mediation and arbitration organisms. Defence before the Labour Inspectorate.
  • Negotiation of collective bargaining agreements for activity sectors or companies. Participation in formal negotiations: legal representation of workers.
  • Senior management and other special employment relationships
  • Dismissal procedures. Employment termination proceedings.
  • Pay-roll restructuring processes, subcontracting, downsizing, outsourcing and corporate successions.
  • Design of remuneration policies. Design and implementation of equality plans.
  • Social Welfare and Security Law. Occupational Safety and Health Law.
Civil and Probate Law
  • Implementation and advice on contracting issues
  • Non-profit organizations: formation and advice on general issues
  • Strategic planning of succession processes.
  • Drafting of wills and agreements to make a will
  • Family disputes
Procedural Law
  • Procedures for the rescission or termination of contracts,
  • Liability claims
  • Corporate disputes. Court procedures related to commercial issues.
  • Hidden defects. Leasing.
  • Amount complaints
  • Enforcement proceedings
  • Mediation and Arbitration
Real Estate Law – Urban Planning
  • Acquisitions, transfers, assignments to third parties. Real Estate Leasing
  • Advice on the liability of the Bankruptcy Trustee, advice to the Bankruptcy Receiver
  • Pre-insolvency procedures and out-of-court settlements
  • Permits
Bankruptcy Law
  • Bankruptcy proceedings. Agreements and settlements.
  • Advice on the liability of the Bankruptcy Trustee, advice to the Bankruptcy Receiver
  • Pre-insolvency procedures and out-of-court settlements
  • Advice to third-party creditors during bankruptcy proceedings. Defence of claims, verification of claims, objections to claims, foreclosure of guarantees.
Criminal Law - Economic Law
  • Crimes against property and socio-economic order (fraud, misappropriation, unfair management, etc.)
  • Crimes against Inland Revenue and money laundering
  • Crimes against occupational safety and workers’ rights
  • Offences concerning intellectual and industrial property, as well as trade secret protection
  • Corporate crime
  • Inquiries (preliminary defence)
  • Criminal liability of legal person and corporate compliance
  • Suspension of executions of sentences, alternative sentences, petitions for pardon
  • Criminal and Prison Law
  • International Criminal Law (extradition and European arrest warrant)
Sport Law
  • Legal advice to professional and amateur sportspersons, clubs, sport joint stock companies (S.A.s), associations and federations.
  • Sports-related contracts.
  • Dispute resolution
Banking and Financial Law
  • Pre-insolvency advice: restructuring plans and legal advice on the sale of assets, production lines or production units
  • Preparation of arrangements with creditors
  • Defence of creditors’ rights and recovery of credit post-bankruptcy: challenge and recognition of credits, enforcement of guarantees
  • Defence of Directors’ liability
  • Second chance
  • Receivership advice service
Administrative Law
  • Administrative agreements
  • Urban planning
  • Environment
  • Eminent domain
  • Government liability for administrative acts
  • Public assets
  • Regulated sectors
  • Government functions
  • Judicial proceedings regarding administrative matters
  • Advice on the protection and defence of intellectual and industrial property rights.
  • New technologies/ IT: e-commerce and web compliance
  • Data protection: LOPD compliance
Other areas of expertise
  • Environmental law
  • Renewable energies
  • Biotechnology and pharmaceuticals law
  • Antitrust law and fair commercial practices law
  • Audiovisual communication, advertising and entertainment law
  • International law