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About Us

Crowe Horwath Dr. Abd-Elaziz Hegazy & Co. was first established in early fifties when the profession of accountancy began to take a new look in Egypt to catch the modern development occurring in the United States and Europe. We are member firm of Crowe Horwath International, one of the world’s largest organizations, providing professional services including accounting, tax and consulting. More than 120 members and correspondent firms with over 415 offices throughout the world, serve their clients internationally with Crowe Horwath International coordination and support. 

The member firms of Crowe Horwath International help to provide prompt, efficient and personal service. Helping clients, whether multinational, large, medium, small companies manage and compete more effectively in today’s business world is one of the objectives –Which our office attempts to achieve it with high quality and efficiency. The member firms of Crowe Horwath International are more than just auditors, consultants or tax advisors. They are all of these and much more. They are also acknowledged as providers of financial and advisory services in addition to auditing and tax consultancy, including accounting, management consulting, information systems consulting, corporate finance and other consulting services. 

Crowe Horwath Dr. A. M. Hegazy & Co. includes a team of dedicated business professionals with the required skills, personal integrity and objectivity needed to render quality service to the clients and the public. We provide this quality service to each client through a responsive and effective personally led relationship. This relationship is based on our understanding and caring for our clients’ business and their needs. 

The office through its members of experts, consultants, managers, and accountants offer its services in the fields of audit and other assurance Service, Tax and Accounting, economic, managerial, and financial studies to both private and public sectors companies. 
There is no doubt that the experience of Crowe Horwath Dr. Abd-Elaziz Hegazy & Co in fields of assurance including auditing, accounting and other financial and managerial consultancy has an important role in following up the economic and financial changes in Egypt especially in privatization and development of well developed systems in companies. 

In our audit engagements, our objective is not merely to express an opinion on the financial statements, but also to provide management with useful recommendations that will improve their financial and accounting systems. Businesses need auditors and advisors who understand their strategy and can reflect this in their approach. Our approach is to work along with our clients. We believe this approach represents an important step forward in client service, quality and efficiency. 

We provide auditing and assurance services to a wide range of companies, business organizations and to public authorities in accordance with the most recent internationally applicable programs and international and local standards. We spend a great deal of time, energy and resources in training and development of our firms and their professionals. Research is made into the new auditing and assurance concepts and advancements in computers. This ensures that the individual clients will receive the benefits of the latest techniques .We understand the risks organizations face and have the technical expertise to help our clients manage those risks effectively. We employ a risk based approach tailored to the unique risks of each organization we serve. This allows senior management to concentrate on those areas that are most critical to the organization's ultimate success. We have the vast knowledge of the issues facing businesses today. We provide the business with experience, technical knowledge, and implementation skills to develop innovative solutions for information systems, financial management, human resources, and operations.

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