Our Approach


Our Approach

At Crowe Horwath Dr. A. M. Hegazy & Co., we maintain a well-balanced and integrated approach to all our activities whether assurance services, corporate finance, other consultancies and management advisory services, with efficiency and reduced costs being our strategies We specialize in providing professional services in accordance with clients’ needs by understanding the characteristics of every industry and employing the finest practices of these industries.

The staff low turnover helps us in maintaining personal relationships with our clients. Taking into consideration the nature of our clients’ organizations and related works, we offer appropriate advice based on understanding the clients’ organization chart, job descriptions, accounting systems, manuals and other organization features, specific to their requirements. We implement measures not only to assist clients in their daily activities, but also to foresee any impending opportunities or risks, which may affect the business operations and strategies. 

We believe that efficient performance and communication are crucial elements in a business. Bearing this in mind, we strive to provide our clients with learning and support that exceed all expectations. The methods and strategies we employ for such services purposes are based on a fine understanding of the local and international accounting business and their standards.

We also offer additional services like periodic updates on the current corporate rules and regulations, seminars, publication of research reports and circulation of our newly established quarterly newsletter “Hegazy’s views”, which presents insights about the business world.
The member firms of Crowe Horwath International are more than just auditors, consultants or tax advisors. They are all of these and much more. They are also acknowledged as providers of financial and advisory services in addition to auditing and tax consultancy, including accounting, management consulting, information systems consulting, corporate finance and other consulting services.