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Financial Services

Why you should approach Crowe specialists?

We can help increase your income, enlarge the business and mitigate regulation, IT and tax risks 

Our experience and services 

The financial services sector is one of the fastest growing industries, which adds to the world-famous reputation of the Estonian economy.

Innovation continues apace within the sector as established groups, entrepreneurs and disruptors respond to changing domestic and global markets and new opportunities are identified. Such innovation has contributed to a diverse and evolving financial services sector with differing professional and business advisory needs.

Recognising the range assurance and advisory requirements of the sector, we have a multidisciplinary team who are able to support and provide assurance to new market entrants.

We focus on the following sub-sectors:

  • Investment firms
  • Fintech
  • Asset and wealth management
  • Insurance brokers and intermediaries
  • Payment and e-money services
  • Leasing & Factoring

We render the following customised services to financial service providers:

  • Set up of financial service providers and application for licenses
  • Preparation of internal rules for money laundering risk management and control of compliance
  • Evaluating the effectiveness of internal control and conducting internal audits
  • Cyber security audit
  • Audit of investment firms, co-financing and payment institutions and specific reports to the Financial Supervision Authority

Meet our team

Vadim Donchevski
Vadim Donchevski
Partner, CPA, CFE, Audit and Advisory Services
Crowe DNW OÜ
Madis Valk
Madis Valk
Partner, CPA
Crowe DNW OÜ
Olesja Timofejeva
Director, Audit & Accounting Services
Crowe DNW OÜ