Our greatest strength is our ability to understand the strategic needs of our clients combined with the business experience of the professionals we bring to create customized solutions and meet those clients’ needs. 

Our service teams are committed to delivering value to multinational clients doing business across borders. We are part of a truly international network of business experts with whom we share a commitment to delivering technical excellence and the highest standards of client service. 

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  • Audit:
    We provide auditing services to various economic sectors: retail, manufacturing and finance, projects funded by multilateral development institutions, tourism and hospitality, government and nonprofit organizations. 
  • Tax:
    Specializing in planning and tax structuring both nationally and international. 

  • Management consultancy:
    Corporate Finance. Services include corporate finance, financial analysis, prospective, strategic business planning, preliminary research commitments of investment and valuations of companies and properties. 
  • Institutional Strengthening and Management:
    Specialized services to strengthen governance in public and private institutions. 

  • Market Research:
    Maintain expertise in qualitative and quantitative research, including analysis of market positioning. 

  • Human Resources:
    Recruitment services primarily concentrated in finance and executive levels. 

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