Our history on Dominican Republic

Our History

Horwath, Sotero Peralta & Asociados is a firm of public accountants and management consultants, founded in 1973.
Our history
Since 1973

Our History on Dominican Republic

Our History

Horwath, Sotero Peralta & Asociados is a firm of public accountants and management consultants, founded in 1973. The firm has more than forty (40) years of experience in the areas of risk assessment, assurance, business consulting services, corporate advice, risk consultancy, international tax planning, technological services, market research and consulting in the area of hotel, tourism and leisure in the Dominican Republic and the Caribbean.


Leadership: Throughout the years, the firm has characterized itself as offering a timely service, bringing up to date and appropriate services to our national and international clients, with a high level of professionalism and personal attention.


The firm is a member of Horwath International (HI), one of the biggest professional services organizations in the world, with more than 140 independent member firms, operating in more than 465 offices globally.


We are recognized as one of the leading assurance and consulting firms in the country, with an international reach, recognized and qualified to offer creative and innovative business services and solutions, of a high quality.


Personnel: We rely on more than 60 professionals, with proven experience in each of the areas of specialization of the firm: Assurance services, management consultancy, international tax consultancy, market research, contracting services and information technology.


The firm maintains a permanent training program, with the aim of constantly keeping its staff up to date with procedures and professional standards.


Quality Control: The firm maintains strict standards of quality control, which require the appropriate identification and cross-referencing of our draft reports. This requirement demands an independent verification for each piece of information, date, figure, and disclosure in the report with the appropriate source document and work papers.