Crowe Kleeberg advisory


The area of advisory stands for comprehensive consultancy in the key strategic and operating issues with which our clients are confronted.

Crowe Kleeberg Advisory Services

Our staff offer a wide range of differing expertise that is concentrated in the areas of tax, audit and advisory.

The area of advisory stands for comprehensive consultancy in the key strategic and operating issues with which our clients are confronted.

Every company history has its milestones – from the founding via mergers and acquisitions to the succession plan. We support the preparation and implementation of groundbreaking decisions as well as the everyday business.

Advisory approach

Our clients have to master very specific challenges where standard solutions are of no use to them. That is why we offer business-process oriented advisory services in which we never lose sight of the company and its environment as a whole.

We adopt the client’s point of view as our own and discuss the goals and the basic parameters with him. We want our clients to reach their goals by the shortest route – which is why we work in a structured and efficient manner and with the highest professional standards in terms of the proficient quality of our consulting.

Range of services

The essence of entrepreneurship is making decisions. Our advisory services support the decision-making process – in questions of daily business just as much as in matters that are of strategic significance in setting the course.

We support you in your day-to-day business in capital market communication, in internal audits and in optimising business processes, to name but a few areas. We also place our expertise at your disposal in the preparation of groundbreaking decisions – from the founding through to succession planning via mergers, acquisitions and restructurings.

  • Compliance
  • Corporate governance
  • Due diligence
  • Fairness opinion
  • Business process optimisation
  • Corporate law
  • Going public
  • Expert opinions on accounting issues
  • IFRS
  • Internal audit
  • Capital market communication
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Quality assurance services and organizational consulting
  • Restructuring
  • Company valuations
  • Corporate succession and the transfer of assets
  • Supporting insolvency administrators
  • Business mediation

Quality assurance

We look upon quality assurance as an ongoing process, for excellent advisory services are the foundation of successful collaboration with our discriminating clients in the long term.

The qualification level of our staff makes a decisive contribution to the quality of our consultancy service. For this reason, we place a great importance on ongoing personal development and training. First-class results are also guaranteed by the personal commitment of a technically experienced director who is responsible for the brief.

In quality assurance we always keep an eye on the whole area of advisory, but also approach each individual auditing job no less individually.