Crowe Frankfurt expands its management consultancy services

Insolvency and restructuring business services expanded

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The globally oriented auditing and tax consultancy firm Crowe Frankfurt is continuing on its growth trajectory via the expansion of its management consultancy services.

The team currently comprises 8 staff and is to be expanded through collaboration with the law firm Krone, which specialises in economic crises and insolvency administration.

„Several firms are facing major, in some instances existential challenges, due to the economic crisis triggered by the Corona pandemic. Insolvency administrators and insolvency courts are facing challenges which they can only manage with the help of practice-based approaches. Our clients are also experiencing an exponentially rising need for support in restructuring and insolvency matters. We are therefore expanding this area of business using our own personnel resources and external partners” explains Torsten Haupt, Managing Director and Partner of Crowe, Frankfurt.

Restructuring and insolvency services include support with preparing and processing external accounting, as well as fulfilling tax obligations during and after insolvency proceedings. Tax consultation is also provided during the restructuring process and insolvency proceedings, along with preparation and support in recovery situations such as vendor due diligence and factbook compilation. The preparation of insolvency analyses and/or the analysis of indebtedness status are all components of this process.

The compilation and plausibility assessments of integrated business planning (result, finance and balance planning), the financial reporting of accounts within insolvency law, amongst other factors, via appointed insolvency administrators, are all elements of key significance here.

„Through our newly expanded modular service portfolio, we aim to provide an important basis for specialised consulting sessions and support for our clients. Our goal is to offer targeted solutions in the fields of auditing and tax and management consultancy for key areas and related topics surrounding insolvency proceedings or crises“, says Stephan Naber, tax consultant and manager for tax, accounting and consultancy services at Crowe Frankfurt.

Through the expansion of its service portfolio, Crowe Frankfurt continues its ongoing growth trajectory and is opening up a broader market for its clients through the expanded range of services now available.

Background information - Crowe Frankfurt
Crowe Frankfurt was founded in its origins in 1968, specialising in auditing and tax and management consultancy for international firms. The core focus is upon fostering a holistic consulting approach through all business phases, from the founding, to succession planning and to the sale.

The specialists at Crowe have accrued an impressive level of expertise in the real estate sector. Crowe even counts as one of the long-term market leaders for our services in the aviation industry. Furthermore, Crowe serves several other sectors including medium-sized companies.

Our priority at Crowe is to provide business solutions with clear solutional approaches for our clients. Our service is individually oriented and tailored solutions are always applied.

Crowe Frankfurt is a part of the Crowe global network consisting of 42.000 staff in 130 countries. Crowe as a firm has been operating in its origins for over 100 years.

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