A new beginning to a continuing story...

ACC & Partners is now Crowe.

ACC & Partners has joined the Crowe Global network and changed its trade name to Crowe Dutch Caribbean. And that, in a nutshell, is all that is going to change.

What we hope you will remember is everything that will ¬≠not change.

Like the phone number where you reach us and the way we pick up the phone. How we welcome you when you walk in and the degree in which we will never want to resemble One Of Those Big Firms. The deep level of our commitment to your interests and the personal connection we like to have with all our clients… Those will all definitely remain.

What is new, however, is our website, more specifically the fact that we finally have one. Also new is the scope of our service. Our Crowe Global network of 200 like-minded firms in 130 countries enables us to help you in regions and areas of expertise where we weren’t able to help you before with services that we couldn’t offer before. 

And lastly, at the end of this year, our leadership will change. Anthony will leave the reigns in the capable hands of Mrs. Charissa de Cuba whose firm Stephens de Cuba & Partners B.V., after years of close collaboration, acquired ACC & Partners. Anthony will remain part of Crowe in an advisory role in order to guarantee a smooth transition of leadership. 

We hope to see you soon at Crowe. You know where to find us!


Yours truly,


Anthony Cijntje                            Charissa de Cuba

Curaçao, 18 June 2020