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Our firm attaches a lot of importance to management
consulting in the enterprises.

Our firm attaches a lot of importance to management consulting in the enterprises.

It is therefore indispensable for an Enterprise to organize and implement procedures aimed at ensuring the efficiency of its internal control system.

This procedure manual also helps reduce the informal and improvisation parts that can only help to slowdown the efficiency of the organization.

Our aim is to help Enterprises acquire a procedure manual that will increase the efficiency in management and define in a formal manner the profile and tasks of the personnel.

We suggested two approaches to achieve this objective:

- The enterprise gives us the authority to design and put in place a procedure manual

In this case, we suggest that the enterprise chose a representative (employee of the enterprise) who will participate in all workshops organized by our team in charge of achieving this mission. This representative will then be responsible for effectively implementing the manual and ensuring its application.

- The enterprise will be responsible for designing and writing the procedure manual

In this case, we will train the enterprise personnel in charge of carrying out the mission on procedure manual writing methods. Throughout their training, we will give limited support in the form of advice.

Concerning management consulting, we will constantly organize missions in the following domains:

-     Evaluating administrative, financial and accounting systems and procedures;

-     Implementing cost accounting systems ;

-     Elaborating Enterprise strategies and policies ;

-     Elaborating enterprise business plans;