Our Values and Culture

Being Crowe is sharing, learning and growing together. We value principles in everything we do.

Our Values and Principles

  • We work collaboratively, treating everyone, without exception, with humility, respect and human warmth.
  • We decided by consensus and fairly. Once a decision is made, we are fully committed to fully complying with what was decided.
  • We never leave for tomorrow what should be resolved now.
  • Actions must be on behalf of the entire company and not on behalf of the individual.
  • Our company demands leadership. Each professional must be responsible for their project and be ready for new challenges.
  • We develop people with the aim of transforming them into the best talents.
  • Our people are our greatest asset. The growth of our company only happens with the growth of all our professionals.
  • Our professionals work with determination to gain and maintain the trust of our customers.
  • We never think of our own benefit. We are generous with our people and society.
  • We keep things simple, but we always delve into the issues, seeking the right decisions based on facts, data and intuition.
  • We are tireless in the pursuit of the highest standard of care and service provision.
  • We deliver results with quality and within strictly adhered to deadlines, always seeking to add value to our customers.
  • It is our obligation to manage our projects so that they generate effective results for our company.
  • We are creative, daring and not afraid to make mistakes.
  • We challenge existing assumptions and, if necessary, break paradigms.
  • Investment in innovation and technology is sacred to us.
Owner's Thought
  • Ownership thinking must be disseminated to and by all our professionals.
  • We are obsessed with gaining new customers and keeping them. Losing customers due to service problems, for us, is a reason to be ashamed.
  • We never thought about winning alone. Acting as owners, we practice meritocracy, in which differentiated delivery is always recognized and rewarded.
  • As owners, we always have to think about the profitability of the business. Without profit, no private company survives.
Ethics and Transparency
  • We are committed to the truth, being examples of conduct and ethics.
  • Our ethical beliefs and convictions are essential conditions of our Organization.
  • We take all applicable measures to avoid or minimize conflicts of interest, in order not to lose our professional independence.
  • We believe that where there is transparency, there is no tolerance for misconduct.
  • We may not be the biggest, but we certainly strive to be the best.
  • We never ignore problems or put off trying to solve them. They make us stronger.
  • We think big, because we believe we are the size of our dreams. The sky is the limit.

Social responsability



As one of our values is to develop people to
transform them into the best talents, we support
CEAP (Professional Assistance Educational Center)
in initiatives that contribute to the growth of young
people in early career.


We believe that children and young people are the
future, and that education is the foundation of
everything. That is why we support Unibes, a
philanthropic institution whose purpose is to help
children, adolescents, the elderly and families living
in situations of social vulnerability to transform their
own life stories.
Casa dos Velhos Irmã Alice

Casa dos Velhos Irmã Alice

Casa dos Velhos Irmã Alice, a non-profit
organization, has the mission of providing
care to approximately 30 elderly individuals
in need. Since 2016, we have been dedicated
to organizing campaigns for the collection
of essential items such as food, diapers, and
cleaning products. Additionally, we actively
participate in festive celebrations to create
moments of joy and fraternization for the residents. 

Diversity Committee

At Crowe Macro, people come first.
Our professionals are our greatest asset,
and everyone has a chance to be heard.
For us, each person's unique worldviews
and life experiences open up a range of
possibilities, bringing innovation to our
business and personal growth to all. 

Our Diversity Committee helps us maintain
this culture of valuing people, promoting
an even more diverse, inclusive, healthy,
and welcoming work environment. 

Actions taken 

With gratitude and joy, we share the
celebration of the success of the 2023
Solidarity Christmas Campaign, an initiative
carried out with care and dedication by the
Crowe Macro Diversity Committee. This
project aims to support Casa dos Velhos
Irmã Alice, a home for the elderly, to which
we have been offering our support since 2016. 

Watch the video: Diversity Committee