Your trusted tax advisor.
In need of a trusted tax advisor at your side? Taxoncall aims to support internal finance professionals with addressing tax questions and issues with an "on call" tax advisory service. We focus on providing accessible, practical tax advise to our clients. Our VAT, Corporate Income Tax and International employment (GMS) experts are at your side to provide you with a correct, clear and practical answer via telephone or, upon request, via e-mail. Through the global Crowe network, Taxoncall can assist you with tax questions and issues with a local as well as an international dimension.

Our fields of expertise

Corporate Income Tax


VAT is a consumption tax that is collected throughout the supply chain in successive steps, i.e. in every transaction of a production and distribution process VAT becomes principally due. The full and final burden of VAT is borne by the final customer. Business should make sure that the VAT treatment applied on incoming as well as outgoing transactions is correct as mistakes can be costly (VAT penalties and late payment  interest scan be assessed).

Our team of seasoned VAT, Corporate Income Tax and Global Mobility experts supports internal finance professionals with addressing day-to-day and complex tax questions and issues. Taxoncall is your assurance that VAT questions can be addressed upfront in a correct, efficient and practical manner.

Frequently asked questions:

  • Where is the supply of goods or service VAT taxable?
  • Should I apply a VAT exemption or a reverse charge regime?
  • Which VAT rate applies to a transaction?
  • Which VAT reporting obligations should I fulfill?
  • Do I need to register for VAT (in Belgium or abroad)?
  • What are the VAT consequences of commercial transactions and/or agreements?
  • What is the impact of upcoming VAT legislation on my business?

Global Mobility Services

Whether you are sending staff abroad or bringing them to Belgium, cross-border employment is a complex matter.

What are the actual consequences of employing people in another country, or in multiple countries simultaneously? Where do they pay taxes? Where are they socially insured? Which impact does it have on their net salary? What is the total salary cost as employer? Which reporting obligations are in place?

We can help you managing all obligations related to the employment of people in another country in an efficient and compliant manner.

Our service catalogue consists of the following:

Social security advisory and Consulting services

Management of social security exposure: planning and treaty opportunities

Registration as employer in Belgium towards the social security authorities.

Application of A1/Certificate of Coverage (secondment / simultaneous employment)

Limosa application

Tax advisory and Consulting services

Assignment tax planning and structuring

Individual compliance services: (non)-resident tax return, special tax status application, tax residency registration, etc.

Permanent establishment risk evaluation

Employer compliance services (VAT, Corporate)


Evaluate cross border implications of benefits / incentives / pension plans


Work permit / professional card application and renewal

Visa application and renewal

Mobility Consulting services

Tax policy design & review (tax equalisation, tax protection, localization, etc.)

Expat policy design & review (short-term, long-term, commuter, rotation, local hires, etc.)

Preparation of assignment letters, Belgian labour contracts

Assignment cost package calculation


Payroll set-up / coordination (shadow payroll, hypo tax calculations, split salary payments, etc. ) and preparation of the monthly payslips

Corporate Income Tax

Corporate Income Tax

Minstens één keer per jaar worden ondernemingen met activiteiten in België geconfronteerd met vennootschapsbelasting. Maar de frequente wetswijzigingen vereisen een permanente opvolging van risico's en opportuniteiten.

Veelgestelde vragen:

  • Welke kosten zijn aftrekbaar?
  • Is mijn winst volledig belastbaar in België? Of moet een deel toegewezen worden aan een buitenlands bijhuis?
  • Welke invloed zal de hervorming van de vennootschapsbelasting op mijn onderneming hebben?
  • Kan ik maatregelen nemen om de fiscale risico's te beperken of de fiscale positie te verbeteren?