Flex your Friday

Dan Dale
The way we work is continuously evolving and with the changes stemming from COVID-19, more organisations have adopted flexible working patterns.  

The Australian Government Productivity Commission’s research on working from home suggests almost nine in ten employees want to continue to work from home or retain flexible working practices. And as employers fight to retain employees who want a healthy work/life balance, non-traditional schedules have become the main focus.  

The shift to dynamic working models and shorter work weeks have shown benefits to retaining talent and avoiding burnout whilst still meeting business goals and providing sufficient service to clients.   

The Crowe Audit team’s highest priority is supporting our clients and our communities, so we are future-proofing the way we work and embracing a compressed work week. This initiative helps enable us to prioritise our people’s well-being so they can deliver outstanding service to our clients and ultimately improve our business. 

What is a compressed work week? 

A nine-day fortnight is a form of compressed working which allows our people to fit their workload into a shorter number of days, enabling them to have every second Friday as a non-workday. The compressed work week initiative commences on 21 March, with Friday 1 April being the first Flex Your Friday to give greater flexibility in dynamic working. 

As this is a new method of working and will take time to adjust, we are trialing this in two phases so we can learn and adapt as we go. This pilot will run until 30 June 2022 when we will assess how this model of working has impacted our people, our business, and our clients. 

What does this mean for our clients? 

We reassure you that our service will be unaffected by this change, and we will continue to prioritise client requests and deadlines. The Audit team will maintain a sense of flexibility in working arrangements when there are previous client commitments scheduled. 

If you have any questions or would like more information, please contact us.