Cybercrime protection services

Identify cybercrime risk and protect your organisation before it’s too late

Cybercrime and fraud represent a large proportion of all crime in many countries. In the wake of COVID-19, phishing and ransomware attacks have increased as cybercriminals look to prey on an anxious population. This has been compounded by organisations setting up new ways of remote working at a pace which does not always allow effective cybersecurity arrangements to be put in place. 

The risk of cybercrime is vastly underestimated by many businesses. And small to medium size organisations, that do not have the resources or capabilities available to larger organisations, are at particular risk. And if they do fall victim, the organisation, its clients and its people are all at risk of loss.

Crowe has developed a tailored program to help protect businesses of all sizes against this escalating threat. 

Crowe cybercrime services

Crowe’s cybercrime program can help your business understand its cybercrime threat and design cyber security measures to help mitigate these.  Our program includes four unique services. 

Cybercrime Vulnerability Scorecard 
In conjunction with Europe’s largest forensic research centre at the UK’s University of Portsmouth, Crowe has developed an assessment tool and report to provide your organisation with a cybercrime vulnerability rating and a checklist of what you need to do.

External vulnerability assessments 
We look at your domains to see if your emails can be spoofed. We look for out of date, unsupported software, open ports which can be hacked, and known vulnerabilities which haven't been resolved. 

Internal vulnerability assessments 
We provide you with the specialist diagnostic hardware which looks inside your network and systems for weaknesses. 

Searches for compromised emails and passwords 
We search the Dark Web (the part of the Web which cannot be searched using normal search engines) for compromised emails and passwords.

Prepare and protect with Crowe
Crowe has specialist cybercrime advisers who can help your organisation identify areas of vulnerability, so you have the capability to better protect yourself in the current climate and identify the steps necessary to strengthen your defences. 

For more information on how to help protect your organisation from the threat of cybercrime, or to request a call back from one of our cybercrime specialists, please submit an online enquiry below and we will be in touch soon. 

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