Virtual Advisory Service in Abu Dhabi

Virtual Advisory Service in Abu Dhabi

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Regulations permeate every activity of a financial services firm. At a strategic level they can influence the business model and capital requirements. Regulations also influence various business decisions as well as day-to-day activities. Post financial crisis 2008-09, there have been significant regulatory reforms globally and the pace of regulatory reforms picked-up during the past 3 years. The regulators have adopted a more active approach towards supervision and are monitoring the activities of financial services firms with superior technology tools.

The ever changing regulatory landscape poses a constant challenge to every firm how to manage & mitigate multiple compliance risks. The challenges are much more to startups, fintech, non-regulated and retail firms which normally do not have dedicated legal or compliance resources. Furthermore, the businesses require different subject matter experts to form a 3600 view and make informed decisions.

Backed by decades of experience in audit, internal audit, risk management, regulatory compliance and business advisory services, we are now launching Virtual Advisory Services. Businesses can now access our experts on demand for a competitive subscription fee. 

Virtual Advisory Service

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Zayd Maniar
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