Technology Risk and Cybersecurity Services

Technology Risk

Minimize Technology Risk to Improve Your Overall Risk Profile

Technology risks threaten assets and processes vital to your business and may prevent compliance with regulations, impact profitability, and damage your company’s reputation in the marketplace.

Information technology (IT) risk can result from human error, malicious intent, or even compliance regulations. Protecting information assets like operational and financial data, customer data, intellectual property (IP), personally identifiable information (PII), or protected health information (PHI) is only the beginning.

It’s also important to identify and verify events such as data breaches, network failure, electronic fraud, and other suspicious activities before they result in fines and expenses, damage your brand or personal reputation, prevent you from reaching your business goals, or even lead to a lawsuit.

Crowe’s IT and cybersecurity risk services and solutions include:

  • IT risk assessment;
  • Penetration testing;
  • Information privacy and data protection;
  • Third-Party risk management services;
  • Cloud computing risk assessment; and
  • Social media risk assessment.

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